I'm Carla, if you don't already know me, and this is my little vitamin shop. I've been involved in health and fitness for approximately 25 years. My first official role was in 1995 when I introduced the Apex Nutrition Program to the very first 24 hour Fitness that opened here in San Diego. The clubs themselves took on the program nationally theninternationally soon after. I continued to work in the field independently and then opened my first retail store in 1998 and opened two more in the years following. Due to life's evolving challenges, some of my own personal decisions I left the entrepreneurial world in 2009.  


Well now I'm back. I've seen all the changes and improvements and the not so much improvements but gimmicks and products that would be better explained as unnecessary and adverse to your overall health and well being . Allow me to help you better understand and not just "sell you" products but be an ongoing resource of information to Taylor your evolving biology with the best handpicked products available. Our nutrition and supplementing properly must change as we change. This is truly my passion and I look forward to sharing. 

- Carla